IGNITE-SX Awarded 2017 best new OTC product by Retail Council of Canada

Mississauga, May 31, 2018 – Namëna Biosciences accepted the Retail Council of Canada Grandprix award last night for Canada’s 2017 Best New OTC (Over The Counter) Product.

The Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards encourages manufacturers to develop and market innovative products which provide Canadian consumers with exceptional value and quality. Scoring focuses on innovation, originality and consumer acceptance.

“Sexual health is important to overall health,” says Dr. John S. Andrews, CEO of Namëna Biosciences. “This award is further validation of the level of science that went into developing the Ignite-SX line-up. We work closely with Health Canada when applying for our NPNs, providing pharma-level support, even though this is a natural product.”

The brand and packaging was developed by ProSanté, Inc. “We knew that the packaging needed to be premium to reflect the quality of this product,” explains John. “Both brand and design make Ignite-SX stand-out among others in the category”.

Ignite-SX is a natural health supplement with specially formulated preparations for improving sexual function. Ignite-SX is made from organic, North American sourced, scientifically developed ingredients. Manufactured in Canada and Health Canada approved, this product is non-pharmaceutical and is available without prescription (Over The Counter). Ignite-SX is available in both male and female targeted formulations, and additionally, features a unique innovative fast acting oral spray for men.

“For stores and chains who are not yet carrying Ignite-SX, they can reach out to us at orders@prosanteinc.com” says James Staley, Managing Partner of ProSanté, Inc., the exclusive sales and marketing team and master broker for Ignite-SX in North America.

About Namëna Biosciences

Namëna Biosciences is committed to producing the highest quality nutraceutical products available on the market today. They invest heavily in Research & Development and Quality Assurance in every step of product development, from cutting edge human science, to raw material sourcing, to finished products.

For more information on Ignite-SX, visit ignite-sx.com.

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