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What is Tailored Release?

Tailored Release™ is a new approach to vitamin delivery. Instead of the “one approach fits all” that many supplement brands take, Biosync adjusts the delivery method of its vitamins by supplement type.

Matching when and where the body needs the vitamins, with how they best get there, maximizes the bioavailability of the vitamins.

Tailored Release

Vitamin Delivery : Controlled Release Matrix

Continuous Release Matrix

Do you ever wonder why your urine is fluorescent after taking a multivitamin?

That’s because your body is only absorbing and using a portion of the vitamins you have taken, and flushing the rest.

Biosync solves the absorption problem with its proprietary continuous release matrix, which ensures continuous vitamin delivery over a 24 hour period.

Proprietary Delivery Method

Biosync™ Continuous Release Matrix utilizes an advanced cellulose polymer matrix to hold active ingredients in its core.

This core absorbs bodily fluids at a constant rate as it travels through the digestive tract, regardless of pH level (acidic, neutral, or alkaline), allowing a steady, even release of key vitamins throughout the day, which maximizes bioavailability.

Vitamin Delivery : Fast Acting Spray

Sometimes faster is better

While some vitamin formulas work best if they are delivered over time in a controlled manner, did you know that others are best utilized by the body if delivered rapidly? This is where a sublingual spray delivery method is ideal. 

Sublingual Spray

Biosync™ Sublingual Spray formulas are tailored to the required delivery of certain vitamin formulations.

After spraying under tongue, proprietary blends of absorption enhancers increase bioavailability allowing the vitamins to be absorbed immediately into the vascular network, thereby allowing rapid distribution to the rest of the body.