The Emerging Revolution in Supplement Bioavailability

The nutraceutical consumer today has become more discerning and interested in understanding and appreciating the benefits and advantages of the entire range of nutraceutical products. This is translating into a more focussed approach on the product away from numbers and letters and towards function and real world applicability.

Consumers are increasingly questioning, “What is the role for this vitamin in my life, why would I need this particular product as an aid to my diet and general health?” The educated public is beginning to appreciate that not all products are equal and that sometimes, more can be less, especially if that more is never produced in a form the body can actually use, at the time it is actually required. The industry needs to listen and respond with something other than just a new dose and label.

Consumers would like guidance and a reason to make an educated decision on the support they actually require in their daily lives. For example, not everyone needs every vitamin every day. Sometimes they only need ones related to their current needs, be that energy or pregnancy or issues with metabolism.

Sometimes we need a quick boost. Squeeze some oranges, and take a drink! Most of the vitamins are immediately available. However just taking a large dose in the morning is not a guarantee that there will be sufficient vitamins around for the whole day. In general, when we eat and digest food, we gradually acquire all the vitamins over many hours as the digestive system steadily releases the nutrition from the food we eat. In many cases we need the nutrients throughout the day and a large dose of the daily needs requirement does not do this. In fact many of the vitamins taken in this form will be metabolised or excreted before they are of any use to the body, wasting money and not providing the desired benefits.

Nutraceuticals today need to be relevant: they need to be designed for the modern world and the modern consumer. The technology exists to make the consumption and targeting of vitamins and other nutraceuticals more naturalistic and relevant to the body’s needs.

Modern formulation technologies such as the matrix technology employed in the Biosync™ Tailored Release™ products provide the answer with controlled and relevant release of therapeutics to ensure maximum benefit.

Namëna’s proprietary advanced cellulose matrix is designed to capture and hold vitamins in place and protect them from environmental degradation. When the Biosync vitamin tablet is swallowed, it begins to absorb water from the fluids in the digestive tract. These fluids gradually convert the tablet into a gel which eventually develops layers of channels allowing the vitamins a release pathway to the gastrointestinal tract for absorption. This release is independent of the different acid, neutral and alkaline conditions found throughout the length of the gastrointestinal tract.

The result is that the user receives the entire dose of vitamins contained in the tablet in a form and manner which can be used, minimising waste and making it therapeutically relevant and cost effective; science truly helping nature!

– Published in Health & Wellness Retailer Magazine, February 2018

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Dr. John S. Andrews
Written by Dr. John S. Andrews, CEO of Namëna Biosciences, a Canadian bioscience company and makers of BIOSYNC and IGNITE-SX.